Homdox Pressure Washer 1400 PSI, 1400W 1.59 GPM Portable Electric Power Washer Machine for 3 Nozzles&Detergent Bottle


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  • ✓✓ 3 Nozzles:From 0º, 15ºand 40ºto Tackle Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Cleaning Tasks Easily. You can Choose High or Low Pressure to Wash Various Surfaces.
  • ✓✓ Powerful Motor:1400 PSI at 1.59 GPM will blast through grime and dirt to restore your surfaces.
  • ✓✓ Detergent Spray Operation: The handheld detergent spray bottle simplifies the application of cleaning agents and gives you full control. It is easily filled with any cleaning solution for an extra boost to cleaning performance.
  • ✓✓ Easy To Install and Eco-Firendly:No gas, oil or toxic carbon emissions.The power washer just needs to install with a few simple attachments, the hose and nozzles are easily connected to the pressure washer body, IPX5 waterproof and CAS approved certifications make sure you purchase safety and well built machine.
  • ✓✓ TSS (Total Stop System) automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

Product Description


Why to Choose Our Pressure Washer

1. High/Low pressure operated freely.

2. Can be used vertically or horizontally forgreater stability.

3. 3 Interchangeable high and low pressure nozzles wash various surfaces.

4. 10m power cord for use on all exterior outlets.

5. Soap applicator to apply soap to completely clean any surface.

pressure washer bottle

Product Specification:

Material: Plasticand Metal

Dimension: 49*27*26(CM)

Power Cord Length:32.8ft High Pressure Hose Length:19.7ft

Voltage: 100-120V/60Hz Wattage: 1400W

Rated Pressure: 1400PSI

Flow Rate: 1.59 GPM

Protection Type: IPX5 Water Temperature: 0-40℃


Applications: For Homes, Cars, Boats, RVs, Driveways, Decks

Package Content:

1 x High Pressure Washer, 1 x Gun Stock, 1 x Cable, 1 x Cable Stock, 1 x Needle, 1 x Inlet Filter, 1 x Outlet, 1 x Switch, 1 x Mesh Stock, 3 x Nozzles, 1 x Soap Bottle, 1 x High Pressure Hose


Please check the compatiblity between your electric bicycle motor and our battery prior to purchase.

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