Homdox 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump 400W Dirty Clean Water Pump


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Why You Need a Submersible Pump?

You can use the submersible pump as a helpful tool in case of flooding, a practical yard work accessory in your garden pond, or to operate a fountain.


Material: Metal, Thermoplastic
Weight: 4.076KG, Power: 400W
Head MAX:5M, Capacity: 8000L/H
Horsepower: 1/2 HP, Max Flow Rate: 2115GPH
Max Lift: 16 Feet, Max Drainage Depth: 1"
Power Cord Length: 15 Feet
Discharge bore: 38mm
Warranty: one-year
Package size: 37.5 x 21.5 x 16.5 cm(L X W X H)


Available Places: Swimming pool, Pond, flooded area.
Thermoplastic body protect the metal parts from corrosion.
The pump give you the excellent ability to drain cellars, swimming pool or garden ponds.
Thermal overload protection make sure the pump operates within spec for longer durability.
Package Content: 1 x Clean Water Pump, 1 x User Manual

Operation Tips

The max flow is of the pump is 2115gallon/H (8000L/H). But the height should be close to 0 meter and use the discharge port of 1.5inch.
That means if you want the flow be bigger, the height of the water you put the water pump into should be lower, and using the 1.5inch discharge port.

Notice:Floating ball must be kept up when the pump works. once the floating ball is down to the initial water level (about 4.7inch), the pump will automatically shut down. When the water level is below 4.7inch and above 1.57inch, you must hang the float up to continue the pump wprking. The minimum level floating ball can be drawn to is about 1.57inch.When the water level is below 4.7inch, it is best for us to take care of the pump, so that once the pump can not pump any water,the power must be cut off immediately.If not, that will lead to the coil inside the pump burned,Which causes a lot of moister internally.

  • AUTOMATIC FLOAT SWITCH:The pump with a float switch can control start/stop Automatically.when the water level is below the initial level( ≤4.7 inch), it will automatically disconnect the power and stop working;When the water level rises above the initial level( >4.7 inch), the pump will start working automatically under the control of float switch
  • Power Cord Length: 15 Feet, Voltage/Frequency:115V/60HZ, Power: 400WMax Flow Rate: 2115 GPH,Capacity: 8000L/H, Max Lift: 16 Feet
  • MULTI FITTING ELBOW:Three fittings with different diameters for outflow(1” ,1.25”, 1.5”) to choose from according to the flow rate
  • HIGHER BASE PLATE:The higher base plate assures the prevention of debris collection in the sump pit
  • GREAT for flooded area, swimming pool, pond. Never worried again your basement will be flooded with dirty water during rainy days.
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