100W (S12) AC transformer 110V/120V to 220V/240V bidirectional mutual conversion voltage converter


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Material: ABS
Color: White
AC117V---AC230V Switch

(1) when used in China
The bottom switch must be dialed AC220V, said input 220V voltage, output 110V voltage.

(2) when used in Brazil, Brazil, Japan, United States, Taiwan
The bottom switch must be allocated to AC110V, said input 110V voltage, output 220V voltage, can not be random dial!!!

☛The voltage selector switch must be in accordance with the local power supply voltage, otherwise it will cause damage to the transformer.

☛If you do not use the appliance, please unplug the power adapter as far as possible.

☛This product is for indoor use only, do not be exposed to the outside

☛If used for a long time, please try to keep the margin, not full use or more than the actual transformer power, so as not to cause heat or transformer burned

☛it will be broken with wrong operation, and we will not responsible for the wrong operation. If you do not use it pls plug it out.

Package Content:
1 x Step-Up and Down Voltage Converter

The pictures are of the actual products. But due to the different light and monitor setting.
Minor color difference maybe existed. Please understand and thank you very much.

  • Turn the product back switch to the right can be 110 / 120V to 220 / 240V dual-channel voltage converter, the left can be changed from 220 / 240V to 110 / 120V.
  • ♥Best travel power converter, ideal for traveling to anywhere.And the maximum load power is 100W.
  • ♥Compact size (9.5 x 5.6x 4.2 CM), slim and sleek design, makes it easy to pack and take anywhere you go.
  • ♥100W (S12) for 50W power appliances.Ideal for use with light portable equipment like iPods, Phones, Cameras, CD Players etc.
  • ♥The use of imported materials, high-performance transformers and special circuit Seiko manufacturing, to meet the use of a variety of small household electrical appliances, but can not exceed the rated power.