21pcs Watch Jewelry Repair Tool Kit Sets Back Case Opener Link Remover Kits


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100% Brand New.
Brand: Ancheer
Bag Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Bag Size: 20.2 x 10 x 5.5cm/7.9 x 3.9 x 2.1inch (L x W x H)
Screwdriver Size: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm (Random Delivery)
Three Pin Punch: 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm
Ideal For: Home, Store
Quantity: 21pcs
Die Sizes: 18 - 20 mm, 21 - 23 mm, 24 - 26 mm, 28 - 30 mm, 31 - 32 mm, 33 - 34 mm, 36 - 38 mm, 40 - 42 mm, 43 - 45 mm, 48 - 50 mm
Bar Quantities: 20pcs x each sizes
Bar Sizes: 8-25 x 1.5mm
This tool set is convenient for you to repaire watch.
Spring bar remover for strap adjustment
Antimagnetic screwdriver for removing battery covers
Antimagnetic stainless steel tweezers for removing and inserting batteries
Split strap device (If your watch is new, then removed when the strap is the most convenient to use.)
Ear Health grant (dedicated to dismantling strap watch cases and students between the ears)
Red Clamp (assembly and disassembly is inevitable to use the pliers watches, such as the demolition of strap in the starting folder to folder, pins)
Folding plastic seat strap (Use For demolition watch chain, will watch chain sandwiched plastic seat racks.)
Screwdriver (For internal assembly and disassembly machines use.)
Sharp tweezers (Use For Some folders and other small accessories and spare parts)
Product include: 1x adjustable screw back case opener; 1x case of opener clamps; 3x pin punches; 1x band holder; 3x precision screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm); 1x mini screwdriver; 1x spring bar tool with removable tips; 1x spring bar pusher / remover; 1x watch hand remover; 1x pin hammer; 1x pair of tweezers; 1x file; 1x snap on case opening cutting; 1x loupe; 1x long nose pliers; 1x case adjustable case holder; 1x dust blower; 1x cleaning cloth

Package Content: 1 x 21pcs Watch Jewelry Tool Kit Sets

  • Brand new professional watch repair tool set contains 21pcs quality tools convenient for your life
  • Perfect for watchmakers,collectors.Durable,portable,practical,convenient and very easy to use
  • Come with black carrying zipper case, easy to carry and get the job done by anywhere
  • Helps you get your watch problem done at home instead of going for watch repair shops, a good way to save your money
  • Product include: screw back case opener; case of opener clamps; pin punches; band holder; precision screwdrivers; screwdriver; spring bar tool with removable tips; spring bar pusher / remover; watch hand remover; pin hammer; tweezers; file; snap on case opening cutting; loupe; long nose pliers; case holder; dust blower;cleaning cloth
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