Electric Pressure Washer,High Pressure Washer 1.82GPM Power Washer Electric 1600W Water Pressure Washer,with 5 Nozzles,Hose,Detergent Tank,Best for Cleaning Patio,Garden,Fence,Car (Navy Green)


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  • ✔【High Pressure Washer】Electric pressure washers have a variety of features that can improve the way you clean. Integrated metal extrusions, rollers and a sturdy design allow you to bring the product where you need to go. Key ease-of-use features include tall handle, on-board detergent tank, 5 Interchangeable nozzles&nozzles storage,Total Stop System. Universal quick connect nozzles and hose connections and accessories.
  • ✔【Powerful Motor】This power washer offers incredible professional clean power output of up to 1.82GPM and Permissible produced by an 1600 watt motor for maximum cleaning and scrubbing power.With this Homdox 5231 high pressure washer easily get your washing task done.
  • ✔【TSS (Total Stop System)】The pressure washer features a Safe Automatic Complete Stop System (TSS) that automatically shuts down the pump when triggering is not enabled to save energy and extend pump life. 33ft / 10m power cord with built-in GFCI for all external outlets.Automatic power off in case of leakage to protect you and your family
  • ✔【Your All-in-one Cleaning Assistant】Easy to store,and easily handle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and foam cannon. You can choose the most suitable flow to clean a variety of surfaces.One machine to handle all situations.Ideal pressure cleaning solution is suitable for all types of vehicles, cars, SUVs, ATVs, boats, RVs, homes, driveways, decks, etc. 20-foot high pressure washer hose for greater reach.
  • ✔【Homdox Your Choice】If you have any question,please contact us.You are welcome to give an advice or ask for help.We’ll try our best to solve your problems.All is for creating a satisfying purchasing exprience.Homdox is you of coures your Five Star Choice!

Product Description

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Why Choose Homdox Power washer?

1. A powerful 1600 W motor that 1.82 GPM water flow.

2. High/Low pressure operated freely, can be used vertically or horizontally for greater stability.

3. 5 Interchangeable high and low-pressure nozzles wash various surfaces. Meet your multiple cleaning requirements.

4.Supports dual water supplies from a faucet, bucket, or pool.

5. Ideal Pressure Cleaning Solution for all Types of Vehicles, Cars, and Homes.

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