Homdox 1HP Sump Pump Submersible Water Pump Electric Clean Water Pump

$59.99 $79.00

  • 【3566GPH Flow Rate】Powered by a durable, oil-cooled electric motor. Featuring 750W and 3566 gallons per hour high power pumping capacity can help to move water away from locations quickly. This submersible sump pump is built to handle water removal or high-capacity recycling duties, helping to handle your heavy water duties more efficiently.
  • 【Ingenious Design】Outlet can be adapted for different size hoses. Three fittings with different diameters for outflow (1” ,1.25”, 1.5”) to choose from according to the flow rate. The bigger the flow is, the wider the outlet should be.
  • 【Automatic Float Switch】When the water level rises above 8 inch, the pump will start working automatically under the control of float switch. When below 8 inch, it will automatically disconnect the power and stop working. Then you can hold up the float and continue to pump to 2 inch. Notice: once the pump can’t pump any water, you should put down the float switch or cut off the power immediately. If not, that will lead to the coil burned.
  • 【Safe and Durable】The water pump has thermal overload protection to ensure the lifecycle and safety, and it adopted thermoplastic body to resist corrosion.
  • 【Great For Draining】Suitable for home and garden. Great to drain the clean water from Garden Pond, Water Tanks, Pools, Hot Tubs, Flooded Areas, etc.