Homdox 24W Led Grow Light Bulb E27 Plant Grow Light Bulb for Hydroponic Greenhouse Aquatic Full Spectrum Grow lamp in 3 Bands


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Why Choose Homdox Grow Light 24W Plant Grow Light?

Homdox 24W Grow Light is perfect for indoor gardening. It is Tiny, but powerful!
You can use it to stimulate the growth of your flowers, vegetables, or fruits. We use well-made package to ensure you can receive our led grow light without damage.


- 24W, more powerful for indoor gardening.
- High efficiency, nearly all wattage is converted to usable light
- Smart heat sink-like design, keeping the light stay cool to touch while long time working
- Easy to set up, just plug it into E27 or a standard electrical socket
- Duarable! It can last up to 50000 hours.
- 2-year warranty!

Get to know us

We created Homdox with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier.
That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. Because, we're customers too.

  • This 24w PLANT GROW LIGHT has 12 lights and in 2w Led,bright and powerful,and help plants growing with a higher effiency
  • This GREENHOUSE LIGHT composed of 9 Red Lights and 3 blue lights,can cover more kinds of plants which need stronger lights, also better for flower and fruits period because of more red wavelength
  • This HYDROPONIC GROWING LIGHTS is designed to fit standard E27 socket, fit on standard US fixtures, Light has low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and up to 50000 hours working hours
  • This LIGHT FOR PLANTS can rapidly improve the health of plant and growing, generally more leaves popping up within 2 weeks of using this growing lamp on a daily basis.The outside is designed with Smart Heat Sink-Like function: it makes the heat dissipate fast to keep the light stay cool while long time working
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Applies to indoor garden, pot plants, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering, etc. It works on standard light sockets so you do not have to purchase any special housing for the bulb-easy to set up and use - no special lamp needed, a desk lamp will do