Homdox 62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw with Chainsaw Bar Cover, Tool Kit, Fuel Mixing Bottle and Manual


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Why Choose Homdox Gas Powered Chainsaw?
With Homdox Rancher Chainsaw,you will deal with cutting tasks highly effiently.It comes with a 20-inch bar,a cutting capacity of 40 inches diameter and it'also compatible with 22-inch or 24-inch bar,which extends its use.The 4.2HP 62cc engine with two stokes is perfect for cutting jobs around garden or farm. For safety or effiency, it's equiped with assisted starting system and quick stopping control.

A.The gas chainsaw has been tested with a small amount of oil or fuel before shippment,so there may be a little oil or fuel leaved over on the surface.It won't have an impact on the usage of the machine. During the process of using,the oil tank only holds oil while the fuel tank holds 1:25(oil and gas) fuel.
B.For safety, we improve the start system and the startup is a little different from the description in manual.(as the picture shows) ?Because of high power of 62cc gas chainsaw,we cancel the throttle lock button.

The process of startup
1. Put the switch to "1" positon
2. Pull the choke knob
3. Pull the Start Handle quickily(several times)
4.Hear the sound and push the choke knob
5. Pull the Start Handle quickly again(several times)
6. Hold the interlock and throttle trigger togther to accelerate (slowly several times) and the machine works.
7. When the work is finished,put the switch to "o" and the machine stops.
Package contains 1x Gasoline Chain Saw, 1x Saw Blade, 1x Chain, 1x Oil Tank, 1x Guide Cover, 1x Mannual, 1x Plug Wrenchas, 1x Screwdriver and other parts the picture shows.(Not all parts in manual are included.)

Get to know us
We created Homdox with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction. Because, we're customers too.

  • ✔ Powerful Engine 62cc 2-stroke gas-powered engine deliver great power, help cutting jobs dealt with a higher efficency
  • ✔ Quick Release Air filter System & Automatic Chain oiler extends the life of the chainsaw
  • ✔ 20-Inch Bar with 3/8 pitch 063 gauge Chain, the gas chainsaw is also compatible with 20inch or 24-inch bar, and extend its use. Suggested Gas mixture: 25:1 gas/oil ratio
  • ✔ Fuel tank capacity: 670ml Oil,Tank capacity: 350ml,Net Weight: 8kg/17.6 pound (without guide bar and chain)
  • ✔ Fuel tank capacity: 670ml Oil,Tank capacity: 350ml,Net Weight: 8kg/17.6 pound (without guide bar and chain)