Homdox Cat Tree Cat Scratching Post Kitten Activity Center Furniture Bed with Sisal PostHeight


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  • Cats love to keep their claws strong, so Homdox cat scratching furniture is the ideal addition to your home if you want to save your own tables and chairs! Choose this cat scratching posts to activity centre that your cat can explore and make their own.
  • Product dimension : 19.5 x 29.3 x 60inch,perfectly fit for kitten, providing enough space for your cats to play and lounge. High quality berber fleece, which texture is bright, smooth, elastic and has a good feel. It is easy to clean.
  • CARB-certified board makes this cat tree sturdy & safe, the scratching post with tree holes can make cats feel safe and warm. With three posts covered in sisal rope to scratch on, keeping your cats off your furniture.
  • Enjoy playing: multiple level design allows your cats to freely jump, climb and explore around the cat tower; natural sisal covered posts satisfies kitten ’ instinct for scratching and rubbing, spare your furniture from sharp claws
  • Cat trees are meant to offer cats a sense of security, by creating interactive areas that are only used by them, and it can help to deter cats from scratching on other furniture which is not intended for scratching, and in many cases may even eliminate the problem.