Homdox Handheld Portable Clothes Steamer And Steamed Face


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Do you feel awkward to face with wrinkleson your clothes everyday ? This handle steamer will be your good helper toremove your clothes wrinkles with fast speed and powerful technology as well assurprising effect.


1. We recommend you to use tap water. Waterwith any detergent products or essential oils is not recommended or it willcause water spewing.

2.Never turn the unit upside down. YourTravel Garment Steamer should never be tilted past a 45-degree angle especiallywhen the unit is ON.

3.Please do not fill water over themax-line, or the water will spew out.

4. Please move slowly, keep constant speed, keep vertical up-or-down movement when you use the garment steamer.


Easy and to operate and handle.

Removing wrinkles easily and time-saving.

For all-round use on clothes, and otherfabric surface, especially effective for sports T-Shirt.

One - position switch: Steamed Face,Moisturizing Repair Skin (The steam outlet is 20cm from the face) .Two -position switch: Ironing Clothes, Suitable For All Material.

Measuring 9.37 inches in height, and themaximum capacity is 280ml. the Handheld Portable Mini Steamer is perfect forhome or travel; being compact in size and fits perfectly into a suitcase foruse while traveling and can also be compactly stored away for convenientaccessibility when needed.

Product Specifications

Material: Plastic, Copper, Iron

Power: 220V, 50Hz, 800W

Weight: 824g

Package Size:25cm×13cm×19cm

Cord Length:160cm

Packing list:

1×Garment Steamer

1×Poly-type brush

1×Ring brush

1×Water inlet funnel

  • A Powerful Clothes Wrinkle- Shooter: Enjoy perfectly ironed dress pants, suits, dresses, but even curtains, drapes, bedding or upholstery in no time, effortlessly and conveniently with the powerful steam of Homdox fabric steamer for clothes. Potent yet gentle to your clothes, it will eliminate stubborn wrinkles in a breeze, with utmost respect for your sensitive garments’ fabric.
  • An Excellent Travel-Friendly Iron Steamer: Lightweight and conveniently portable, with a travel-friendly compact design that will save you space in storage at home or on your out and about, our portable garment steamer makes your durable high-performance steaming buddy in all your travels, with guaranteed longevity.
  • A High-End Multi-Purpose Fabric Steamer: Homdox advanced portable clothes steamer will make a godsend for all your garments and fabrics, taking first-grade professional care of them! Ideal for clothes IRONING, CLEANING, STERILIZATION, and HUMIDIFICATION, it makes a reliable versatile cloth care accessory for fast, spotless results!
  • Two Functions: One - position switch: Steamed Face, Moisturizing Repair Skin (The steam outlet is 20cm from the face) .Two - position switch: Ironing Clothes, Suitable For All Material.
  • Heat Up Quick: The capacity is 280ml and only need 50 seconds to heat up. The garment steamer can use ten minutes to smooth garment.