Homdox Pets Dog Leash Coupler Double Dog Walker Lead Elastic Two Dogs Leash Splitter


Regular price $5.00

  • The dog coupler is helpful for walking both of your dogs at the same time, and allows you to walk them using only one hand.
  • Strong and durable structure of the dual dog leash for you to use. Use one instead of two, convenient and save money.
  • The retractable dog leash is safe to use, the two sides are adjustable in length, it is adjustable from 20-31.5 inches. Dogs are able to switch sides with one another with ease.
  • The hooks of the dog leash open and close easily, you could walk with the pets without the two separate leashes, it makes your life simple.
  • This Dog Leash Coupler is an absolute must have if you are lucky to have 2 high energy dogs that you walk at the same time by yourself, makes it easier to walk them without endangering your life.