Homdox Pets Drinking Fountain Pet Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder Automatic water Fountain for Dogs Cats


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  • Note:make sure to keep the water up to the min line when you use the cat water fountain. It is important for your pets to stay hydrated and just like humans they are more likely to do that if their water is fresh, the pet fountain helps the pets to improve their health, easy to clean, quiet operation.
  • Fresh Water to Improve Pet Health: A simple but significant way to improve your pet's health is to get them to drink more water, continuously flowing water attracts pets, encourages pets to drink more and keeps your pets hydrated.
  • Easy to Set Up and Save Space: The pet water fountain is easy to set up and operational in moments, the lower height of this drinking fountain has made it work very well in your home where space is limited.It's easy for more than one pet to drink from it at a time due to the multi-level design.
  • Led Lights Bring Your Pets More Funny Time: The cat water fountain has the LED light feature.It simply looks pretty but does have a purpose. If anyone is up in the night they can easily see the water fountain and not bump into it or kick it. This also seems to be quite intriguing to my cats. You can turn the LED light off using the switch on the cord if you choose.
  • With Replaced Charcoal Filters: Your pet's health will be enhanced because the better tasting filtered water will translate into more water consumption, the dog water fountain is a must have if you have a lovely pet.